Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Religious Hostility in America

...against Christians. It's happening, folks, not just in New Hampshire and Connecticut, but right here in Texas! This is a new website put up a couple weeks ago, but the Liberty Institute, who represents Christians whose rights are being stifled in the work place, in public schools, in colleges, and even in their own private homes! Some of these cases read like they're taken straight out of the former Soviet Union or North Korea. (Apparently, some folks get really offended if you compare what we endure to what others have endured in countries like those. I am NOT saying that our situation is as terrible as theirs, but if we don't see the connection and where this could lead, we will not stand up when we still can, and we will find ourselves there sooner or later.) 

This is not a game. I believe the first step is becoming aware of what's going on. My generation is FULL of people who have no idea what's going on and, what's worse, think it's inevitable because "separation of church and state is, in the end, a good thing, right?" (holding myself back from that one for now, lol.) 

Here is the link. PLEASE take just a few minutes to read through some of these cases...

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