Thursday, April 14, 2011

"I'd be a Liberal"

I was listening to the Joe Paggs radio program the other day. He was talking about how you cannot be a good Christian without believing that your way is correct and other religions are wrong; or a good Jew, or a good Buddhist, or a good Muslim, for that matter. 

A caller called in saying, "Joe, you say you hate people from other religions. Why do you hate people?" It always amazes me how standing on principle automatically translates into standing against people, in many people's minds. Joe went on to explain that he never said he hated anyone, and if he didn't believe his religion were true, he shouldn't believe in it at all. 

The next caller was a Muslim. Right off the bat, Joe asked the Muslim if he believed Islam was right. "Of course I do," he replied (duh!) "And you believe Christianity is wrong?" "Of course!" "If you didn't believe that, you wouldn't be a good Muslim." "No, I'd be a liberal!"