Saturday, November 14, 2009

Christians had better be involved in politics!!

Even though it seems that way lately, please tell me I am not the only one who thinks Christians should actually be involved in politics. I am really sick of hearing that this is not our place. This would have been a foreign concept to Christians of even 50 years ago. I frankly don't know where it's coming from, perhaps from the whole concept of "separation of church and state." That is a whole 'nother topic I won't get into; just know it is a made up phrase and was not intended to be implemented the way it has been. David Barton, founder and president of Wall Builders, blames the departure of America from its Christian principles not on pagan secularism but on Christians who pulled out of the public sector in many areas. In response to criticism and opposition, they simply retreated into their churches, and, worse, compartmentalized their lives and their religion. We pulled out of the public schools, and prayer followed soon after. We pulled out of little leagues and Boy Scouts and made our own churchy versions of such. Worst of all, we pulled out of politics.

How many times have you heard...
"Christians should worry about winning souls, not picketing a political cause."
"Abortion is the only political issue Christians should worry about."
"The Bible doesn't talk about which form of government is best." (It most certainly does!)
"Pastors should not endorse candidates or preach politics from the pulpit." (Historically, they used to all the time. They were the political advisers of their day. It was part of their job.)

We are really in trouble here if we succumb to the statements above. Be careful; this mindset is exactly where Satan wants the followers of Christ to settle into. It is, at best, laziness disguised as spirituality or "unwordliness" and, at worse, debilitating to our cause and our country.

Check out Wall Builders for more on this!